Our Core Values
Developing an intimate relationship with God.
In order to function fully as a Christian we need to have a real and working relationship with the Lord.  This should be at the heart of our existence.  As a church we will foster an environment that promotes prayer, meditation, and the reading of the Bible.  This will help us to recognize His voice and be sensitive to His leading.

Bible-Centered Preaching & Teaching.
We believe that God’s Word must be communicated with relevancy, urgency and intentionally to help people know and grow toward spiritual maturity. This practice should result in Christian living, healthy relationships and strong biblical values on life.

Evangelism & Outreach.
We believe in the Great Commission which exhorts us to reach our families, community, nation and the world for Christ through intentional evangelism, missions, friendship invitation and service-oriented ministries.

Godly Servant Leadership.
We believe that a godly church can rise no higher than its leadership.  It will be CFBC’s goal to have men and women who possess servant leadership characteristics and can lead with godly wisdom, character, biblical interpersonal skills, integrity, productivity, accountability and promote unity and biblical moral values.

Commitment to Community.
We are committed to  the community of believers for genuine fellowship, building strong relationships and meeting needs of individuals, families and Friendship groups.

Building The Family.
We are committed to building and strengthening families, marriages, children and youth through strong discipleship ministries.

Spiritual Gifts.
We believe each saint has been uniquely blessed with spiritual gift(s) that God wants to be used for His glory.  We believe in recognizing, encouraging and mobilizing the saints to use their spiritual gift(s) with creativity, quality and excellence to God’s glory.

We believe that worship is a continuous lifestyle that reflects God’s presence through a spirit of celebration, reflection and praise whether individually or coming together as a group. (Romans 12:1; John 4:23-24, Psalm 100, Psalm 150)